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Inclusive play equipment


can play!


Featured Product:

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Energywall is a unique activity for all ages, that can be installed anywhere with no power needed!

Our goal is for everyone

to engage in physical fitness

Eco Friendly

With no need for power or cables of any sort, Our products can be installed wherever you want!  It’s also better for the planet and our energy bills!

Inclusive Fitness

Energywall enables all ages and abilities to play and take part in fun, interactive fitness exercise.
Up to 4 players can play alongside one another, so waiting for your turn is a thing of the past!

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Human Powered

No power? No problem!
Energywall is completely human powered and is charged enough to play 3 games after 10 seconds of winding.
No messy installation of power cables...
It's just like hanging a big picture!

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Everyone can play!

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