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can play!

Energywall enables all ages and abilities to play and take part in fun, interactive fitness exercise.
Up to 4 players can play alongside one another, so waiting for your turn is a thing of the past!
4 games, with sound and lights encourage even those who normally shy away from exercise, into beating their competitor or just their best score.

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Features and

Lights, Sounds...Action!

Energywall provides its own power for upto 3 games on a single charge.
Wind the handle for 10 seconds to charge.

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Energywall designs

Liverpool Energy Wallmockup.png

We want your Energy wall to fit in with your environment seamlessly, so we have put together a range of designs to choose from, Don’t like any of our designs?

No problem! We will work with you to design your own unique Energywall.

Manchester Energy Wallmockup.png
London Energy Wallmockup.png
Wales Energy Wallmockup.png
Lancaster Energy Wallmockup.png
Screenshot 2022-11-23 at 09-59-19 Playnetic (_playneticbv) • Instagram photos and videos.p

4 Interactive Games

Energywall comes preloaded with 4 exciting games!  If you choose you can install different games through the USB slot to always keep your Energywall fresh and encourage players to return.

Group 4.gif

Two specific lights turn on randomly, try to turn them off as fast as possible. The faster you are, the higher your score is!

Group 3.gif

The lights turn on one after another. You have a few seconds to hit the lights. The faster you hit the light, the more points you get. If you’re too slow, the light will turn off and you get 0 points!

Group 2.gif

One light turns on randomly on the GameWall. Pay attention to which light this is, try to turn off as many lights as possible.

Group 1.gif

All of the lights turn on at the same time, it’s up to you to turn them off as fast as possible.

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