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Supporting Efforts Towards Successful Inmate Rehabilitation

Unlocking the Power of Play in Prisons

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The mental health benefits of physical exercise

We believe in promoting the well-being and positive experiences of individuals residing in prisons and correctional facilities.

We are thrilled to introduce our ground-breaking product, the All Play Energy Wall, specifically designed to create an engaging and transformative environment for inmates.

Explore the multitude of benefits that the Energy Wall can bring to prisons, revolutionising the lives of both inmates and correctional staff. By implementing this innovative product, a wide range of advantages can be experienced, contributing to enhanced inmate rehabilitation and a safer prison environment.

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Rehabilitation through Play

The All Play Energy Wall is designed with play-based rehabilitation in mind. We recognise the importance of providing inmates with a means to channel their energy into positive activities. By engaging in interactive games and activities, inmates have the opportunity to not only improve their physical fitness but also enhance their focus, concentration, and cognitive skills.

Through play, they can develop new abilities, learn problem-solving techniques, and acquire valuable life skills. The Energy Wall creates an environment that encourages personal growth and empowers inmates to become active participants in their own rehabilitation journey.


''Fantastic piece of kit that allows staff & prisoners to engage in a different way through the regime day.''

Martin Powell - Prison Employment Lead at HMP Lancaster Farms 

Distraction and Engagement

Boredom and restlessness are common challenges faced by inmates in the prison environment. The Energy Wall effectively addresses these issues by offering a wide range of captivating games and activities helping to alleviate boredom, promote engagement, and relieve stress.

Inmates can escape the monotony of prison life and immerse themselves in a world of play. The engaging nature of the Energy Wall's games and activities not only distracts inmates from negative thoughts and behaviours but also provides them with a positive outlet for their energy.

By offering a variety of options, the Energy Wall caters to different interests and preferences, ensuring that every inmate can find something that captivates their attention and keeps them engaged.


Transformative Potential

The All Play Energy Wall has the potential to bring about profound transformations in inmates' lives. By incorporating play into the rehabilitation process, it ignites a spark of hope and purpose. Inmates can rediscover their abilities, regain self-confidence, and nurture a sense of accomplishment, all while fostering a more positive outlook on life.

Inmates are given the opportunity to rediscover their abilities, regain self-confidence, and experience a sense of accomplishment. The Energy Wall serves as a catalyst for positive change by encouraging inmates to develop new skills, improve coordination, and build healthy habits. Through these experiences, inmates can cultivate a more positive outlook on life and embrace a path of personal growth.

The transformative potential of the Energy Wall extends far beyond the prison walls, as it equips inmates with valuable skills and attitudes that can positively impact their reintegration into society.

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“Following receipt of the Energy Walls we began their use on the Substance Free Living Unit, our initial thoughts were that this would promote wellbeing and a spirit of community in this area and their use has been really positive with those involved. We then realised that other cohorts of Prisoners would benefit from accessing the Energy Walls, in particular those with Neurodiversity needs, it has also promoted better Prisoner/Staff relationships and a sense of community overall”

Dave Davies

Head of Reducing Reoffending/Head of Offender Management Services - HMP Altcourse


Supporting Successful Inmate Rehabilitation

We are deeply committed to supporting prisons in their efforts towards successful inmate rehabilitation. We recognise the complex challenges faced by both inmates and correctional staff and strive to provide innovative solutions.

By introducing the All Play Energy Wall into correctional facilities, prison administrators and staff can offer inmates a powerful tool for rehabilitation. The Energy Wall serves as a bridge between confinement and personal growth, offering an innovative approach that addresses the unique needs of inmates.


Play-based rehabilitation

By investing in play-based rehabilitation, prisons can create an environment that fosters positive change, enhances inmate well-being, and ultimately contributes to safer communities. We are proud to partner with correctional facilities in their commitment to inmate rehabilitation, offering support and resources to help transform lives and promote successful reintegration.


At AllPlay Kinetics, we believe that incorporating the Energy Wall into Prisons can change the way inmates experience their environment.

By offering a dynamic and engaging platform, our goal is to elevate the physical, cognitive, and emotional well-being of inmates, cultivating a vibrant and rewarding lifestyle within the prison walls ahead of them entering back into society.

Join us in embracing innovation and creating an environment where every individual can thrive and flourish.

Contact us today to learn more about the Energy Wall and how it can benefit your Prison. Together, let's create a space where inmates can transform their lives.

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